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Kikit incentivises, captures and rewards real-world movement, encouraging users to live active and healthy lifestyles.
KIKIT - a new gamified player experience
Powered by Web3, using cutting-edge blockchain technology and Kikit’s token economy.
It seamlessly combines the latest fitness, gaming, social and tech trends to create the ultimate, immersive, move-to-earn gaming experience.
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Kikit is yours, capture rewards, own in-game assets, trade and sell!
Move | Play | Share | Earn
Unlock new game modes to access sport-specific play.
Track your performance, compete in multiplayer challenges or build your own team to compete against others.
Engage with other players, merge your real world with the digital world, and join new and existing communities.
xTrainer mode - any activity, any sport - start moving, start earning
xTrainer Mode
The Kikit starting point, anyone can join and instantly begin earning
xTrainer includes a free-to-play option to remove any cost barriers
Use your in-game earnings to upgrade your NFTs and enhance performance
Unlock new assets and level up to Game Mode!
Complete pre-designed activities and earn more with booster challenges!
Unlock game mode by minting new game specific assets
Game Mode
Compete in challenge events, competitions and virtual multiplayer games
Continue to earn and upgrade your NFT
Mint a new sport specific asset for each game mode
KIKIT’s first game mode is Football. Future modes will be selected by our community through our governance token
Participate in real-world and virtual tournaments and events
Tournament mode
Upload your team’s real life tournaments in-app
Access exclusive Tournament Mode only features
Build Kikit teams, select international team members and compete in dedicated leagues
Connect Kikit with any major health app and start playing
User journey finalisation
Concept build-out (MVP)
Governance Portal
Theft detection system
Integration with Apple Health and Fitbit
In-app NFTs
OpenSea Launch
Garmin integration
PHASE three
In-game Economy Setup
NFT upgrades
Marketplace Launch
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A multi strategy investment platform including a Crypto Hedge Fund and NFT Fund
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Kikit is the latest in move-to-earn, incentivising, capturing and rewarding real-world movement, encouraging users to live active and healthy lifestyles.
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